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Dispute Resolution

There are three basic types of dispute resolution consisting of litigation, mediation, and arbitration. Our attorneys are knowledgeable and experienced in using each of these tools to assist our clients in achieving their business objectives.


The most familiar type of dispute resolution is litigation.  Litigation involves parties facing off against each other before a judge or a judge and jury.

Our attorneys are experienced in representing clients in the Federal and State Courts presiding in Florida.  Our litigation practice is focused on assisting our clients in business, real property, and construction disputes before judges and juries in trial and appellate forums.


In arbitration, a neutral third party serves as a private judge charged with resolving the dispute.  Arbitration can be binding or nonbinding.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in guiding our business and construction clients through the arbitration process and in serving as arbitrators.


Mediation is a dispute resolution process that empowers parties to resolve their own disputes with the assistance of a third-party neutral.  Because mediation is cost-effective, the process is a preferred means of dispute resolution.

Our attorneys assist our business and construction clients in navigating the mediation process.  Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of the mediation process, both as advocates and mediators.

Regardless of the dispute resolution process, our attorneys seek cost-effective and timely solutions for our clients.

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